Toneman Concrete’s mission is to exceed our client’s expectations in the following criteria’s:

1) Quality.

Toneman sets the bar when it comes to quality by offering the industry’s best proven methods for concrete design, placement and finishes. We possess the tools, equipment and talent to provide our clients with what their project needs. Whatever your concrete needs may be, we have the ability to get it done right the first time.

2) Safety.

Toneman has extensive training and documentation programs that meet or exceed California OHSA and Federal OSHA standards. Our primary function on any task is safety first. When working in an industry full of life or death situations, having properly trained employees saves lives, money and time.

3) Integrity.

In an industry were decisions are an important key in determining every outcome, it is important that a company has the right personnel for the job. No one should have to wait for a decision from one person in a company. By developing leaders in our employees, we have created competent personnel capable of making solid decisions, executing plans, providing honest opinions and carrying the expertise backed by experience that reflect the great reputation Toneman Concrete has today.

4) Responsibility.

Toneman knows the value of responsibility. On a project it is important that we value everything that we are truly responsible for. Whether it is our scope of work, fellow workers or trades, project schedule, quality of work, or the effects we have on the environment; it is our duty to make sure that we act responsible for the ways we precede.

5) Satisfaction.

If the customer is not satisfied, then the job is not done. Here at Toneman, we acknowledge that it is our business to provide our clients with competitive pricing backed by top notch service. In a world were reputation is everything, nobody is more proud of their history then Toneman Concrete.

Make Your Next Development Project A Success