When making a decision that will affect the final result of your hard earned money, qualifications are what count. Many companies are filled with ranking members and officers that carry these qualifications. Here at Toneman we understand that it is not who has the qualification, but how that qualification is applied. This is a critical element to the success of a company and how that success translates to your project. Toneman stands strong on the fact that no person can move forward in life if the ones who follow can not perform the same task they leave behind. Operating by this guideline has generated Toneman Concrete’s success. Toneman saves you time and money by providing trained crews full of independent workers that have the know how to get your job done.

Examples of Toneman training and certifications are:

1.) OSHA 30 trained supervisors

2.) OSHA 10 trained journeymen

3.) Equipment Certifications include: Laser Screed, Forklift, Skip loader, Backhoe, Scissor lift, Telescoping lifts, cranes, concrete power trowels, generators, lasers, power tools and more.

4.) Personnel Training include: competent person, job hazard training, proper personal protective gear for the task at hand, heat prevention, cold weather prevention, proper procedures for concrete placement, proper procedures for concrete finishing, proper procedures for working with laser instruments, identifying situations both good and problematic, common sense, troubleshooting methods for any situation, working around equipment, carpentry skills, tools for the job, scaffold, fall protection situations, types of fall protection, proper use of fall protection and more.

5.) LEED trained estimating and management teams.

A company that lacks qualified personnel puts everyone at risk. No one should have to gamble there success, livelihood and accomplishments on risky businesses full of potential liabilities. Providing our clients with all around professionalism is a privilege we value most at Toneman.

Make Your Next Development Project A Success